Mental Health Resources

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." ~ Albert Einstein

Crisis Intervention
Unfortunately, I do not provide emergency crisis service. If you need to speak with someone immediately, or require someone to attend your home, you may find it helpful to call the Crisis Outreach and Support Team or the Mobile Crisis Services.

  • Mobile Crisis of Peel (COAST Peel) can be reached at (905) 278-9036, on Sundays 3:00PM to 11:00PM and Monday to Saturday 11AM to 11PM.  Caledon residents call (888) 811-2222.
  • Halton's COAST Crisis Line is (877) 825-9011, available 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week
  • Wellington- Dufferin Crisis Line is (877) 822-0140, available 24 hours-a-day, seven days a wee.
  • Kitchener-Waterloo  Crisis Line (844) 437-3247, available 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week
  • Toronto Crisis Line (416) 929-5200, available 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week

Mental Health Links

The following links are listed to provide you with additional online mental health care information and counselling resources.

Anxiety Disorder Association of Canada
Assaulted Women's Help Line
Canadian Mental Health Association
Children and Adults with Hyperactivity/Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD)
Children’s Mental Health Ontario
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Drug and Alcohol Help Line
Kids Help Phone
Law Help Ontario
Medication PDR
Mood Disorder Association of Ontario
National Eating Disorder Information Centre
Ontario Association for Family Mediation
Ontario Women’s and Men’s Shelter
Telehealth Ontario
Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention
The Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

PEEL REGION (Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga)
Alanon (416-410-3809)
Alcoholics Anonymous: 
Brampton (877-404-5591); Caledon (866-715-00050; Mississauga (416-487-5591) 
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Halton Peel (877-826-3566) 
Brampton Civic Hospital (905-494-2120) 
Distress Centre Peel (905-278-7208) / Caledon (800-363-0971) 
Learning Disability Association of Peel Region (905-791-4500) 
Narcotics Anonymous (877-414-4464) 
Peel Regional Police (905-453-3311) 
Trillium Health Centre (905-848-7100) 
Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Centre Peel (905-273-9442); Caledon call (800-810-0180) 
Victim Services Peel (905-568-8800) 

HALTON REGION (Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton, Oakville)   
Alanon (888-425-2666)
Alcoholics Anonymous (905-845-5900; Halton Region) / North Halton Erin (866-715-0005; North Halton-Erin)
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Halton Peel (877-826-3566)
Distress Centre North Halton (905-877-1211) / Burlington (905-681-1488) / Oakville (905-849-4541)
Georgetown Hospital (905-873-0111) 
Halton Regional Police (905-825-4777) 
Joseph Brant Hospital (905-632-3737)
Learning Disabilities Association of Halton (905-333-1977) 
Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (905-845-2571)
Narcotics Anonymous (877-414-4464) 
Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Centre of Halton (905-875-1555) 
Victim Services Halton (905-825-4747) 

WELLINGTON-DUFFERIN COUNTY (Elora, Erin, Fergus, Grand Valley, Guelph, Orangeville, Shelburne)   
Alanon (888-425-2666)
Alcoholic Anonymous (519-829-9401) 
Wellington-Dufferin Region
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Guelph Wellington  (519-603-0196)
Distress Centre Wellington-Dufferin (888-821-3760)
Groves Memorial Hospital (519-843-2010)
Guelph General Hospital (519-837-6440)
Guelph Police (519-824-1212) 
Headwaters Health Centre (519-941-2410)
Learning Disability Association of Wellington County (519-837-2050)
Narcotics Anonymous (705-727-3177) 
Orangeville Police (519-941-2522) 
Ontario Provincial Police (519-846-5930)
Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Guelph Wellington (800-265-7233)
Victim Services (519-942-1452) 

Alanon (519-896-5678
Alcoholic Anonymous (519-742-6183) Kitchener-Waterloo Region
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Kitchener Waterloo (519-603-0196)
Distress Centre Kitchener-Waterloo (519-745-1166)
Grand River Hospital (519-749-4300)
Kitchener-Waterloo Regional Police (519-570-9777)
Narcotics Anonymous (888-811-3887)
Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis (519-741-8633)
Victim Services (519-570-5143)

Alanon (888-435-2666) 
Alcoholics Anonymous  (416-487-5591)  GTA
Bereaved Families of Ontario - Toronto  (416-440-0290) 
Distress Centre Toronto (416-408-4357) 
Etobicoke General Hospital (416-747-3528)
Learning Disability Association Toronto (416-229-1680) 
Narcotics Anonymous (888-811-3887) 
North York General Hospital (416-756-6000)
Scarborough General Hospital (416-438-2911)
Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Centre (416-597-8808) 
Toronto General Hospital (416-340-4800)
Toronto Police Services (416-808-2222
Victim Services (416-808-7066) 

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